Dear Readers,

After 4+ years of writing on this blog, I have been hired as a contributing writer at, where I have been tasked with TV episode reviews and general blogging entertainment.  Some of the features that I have been covering here will be migrating to Starpulse.  I will still be maintaining this blog to get the word out on all my professional writing and to cover any topics that I do not get to on Starpulse, or other future ventures.

The shows I am covering for the 2014-15 season are Bob’s Burgers, The Middle, Mulaney, New Girl, and Saturday Night Live.  Here are my reviews of the first two episodes of this season’s New Girl:

and my review of the season 6 premiere of The Middle:

Thank you for reading as I enter this new stage of my writing journey.

With fondness,

Jeffrey “jmunney” Malone