Best Episode of the Season: Mulaney Season 1

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“In the Name of the Mother, and the Son, and the Holy Andre”
I watched every episode of Mulaney, and it got pretty dark (don’t worry – I got paid). But amidst all the unmet potential were a few bright spots, like this episode that featured Nora Dunn as John’s mom and (wait for it) Pete Holmes as a priest.

To read my original review of this episode, head over here:

Mulaney 1.13 – “Life Is a Series of Different Apartments”

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This is a review of a season finale:

Mulaney 5.12: “Ruby”

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This review has been posted exactly 1 month before my birthday:

Mulaney 5.11: “Power Moves”

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I think John Mulaney looks good in a tank top.

Mulaney 1.10 – “French Roast”

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The first 5 minutes of Mulaney got cut off by football. Here’s my review:

Mulaney 1.9: “Worlds Collide”

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A balloon is one of the funnies things Elliott Gould has ever seen:

Mulaney 1.8: “It’s a Wonderful Home Alone”

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There was a new episode of Mulaney last night, in case you were wondering:

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