(*-First and Only Season!)

Season Analysis: Animal Practice was never as stupid as it looked.  It was a perfectly pleasant, middle-of-the-road comedy that was actually surprisingly light on the wackiness.  And, yes, the monkey was the best part.  (Get Tyler Labine a show that lasts!)


“Wingmen” – one of three Animal Practice episodes that were posted online after the show was cancelled – presented a version of the show that could have worked if it had survived.  It was finally starting to get a handle on all of its characters, most notably its two most problematic ones – Joanna García-Swisher’s Dorothy Crane and Bobby Lee’s Dr. Yamamoto – in a storyline in which the two start hanging out more and Dr. Yamamoto starts to think that they might be more than friends.  Dorothy had been too humorless in most episodes – she was supposed to be that way to an extent, but it got to be a tad unbearable.  The circumstances of this episode allowed her to show off a different side of her personality.  Meanwhile, Yamamoto was Animal Practice’s most unfortunately ridiculous character (oddly enough, that was a problem for this show).  This episode afforded him the best chance to be more grounded and act like an actual human being.  But the highlight of this episode was the team-up of the two best characters – Betsy Sodaro’s Nurse Angela and Crystal the Monkey’s Dr. Rizzo.  Their plot was typical sitcom hijinks: they call the cable guy to work on their TV, Angela falls for the cable guy, and then they pretend that there is still a problem so that they cable guy will keep showing up.  But it is okay to have typical sitcom hijinks when they are performed by the inimitable Betsy Sodaro and Crystal the capuchin monkey.