Season Analysis: I did not watch Season 1, but from what I’ve heard about it, it sounds like it polished itself up for Season 2.  It is presently a solid parody of acronym-ed procedural action dramas and thus the perfect parody companion piece to Childrens Hospital.


“16 Hop St.”
Considering how many movies (and a few TV shows) feature going-back-to-high-school plots, it’s a bit of a shock that it’s taken this long for them to be targeted for skewering.  This episode takes that trope to its logically absurd conclusion, wherein the NTSF crew poses as students for a case at a high school in which the popular kids are being kidnapped.  They soon discover that all the students are undercover adults save for one.  You’ve got the guy who’s travelled back in time to make sure his parents end up together, the girl working on an article, and the cops busting up a drug ring.  Paul Rust is an inspired casting choice as one of the undercover characters, as he simultaneously looks too old to be a high school student and much younger than he actually is (he’s 32).