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Dear Readers and Followers,

I am launching a newsletter that features links to my recent articles and other creative work in a convenient, digestible format. I am planning on doing this on a biweekly schedule. Click the link below if you would like to sign up, and please send me feedback if you are inspired to do so!


Upcoming Blog Posts

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Loyal readers of Jmunney’s Blog, I feel that I ought to update you on what topics I am planning to blog on in the near future.  I do this so that you have the chance to offer me advice on what direction I should take these posts and so that I have the opportunity to hear this advice.  Also, if there are any pop cultural topics that I have not thought of that you would like to hear my musings on, let me know.

Near Future Posts
-Reconsidering Colin Quinn, Weekend Update Anchor
-Year-End Roundup:
  -Best Movies of 2010
  -Best in Music 2010 (Best Songs of the Year, Most Awesomely Bad Song(s) of the Year, Best Music Videos of the Year)
  (Any other year-end roundup topics I should cover?)

Undetermined Future Posts, Part 1: Some Research Necessary
TV Shows That Entertainment Weekly Has Led Me to Believe are the Best Show Ever
-My Favorite Songs of All Time
-Good Songs That I Used to Think Were Bad
-My Favorite Linkin Park Songs to Sing
-My Celebrity Crushes
-Moments from Working at the Movie Theatre That Have Surprised Me
-The Best Bands Without Any Songs in Rock Band/Guitar Hero

Undetermined Future Posts, Part 2: Major Research Necessary
-The Best Lost Scenes
-The Best Music Videos of the (Aught) Decade
-Recaps of Every SNL Season