That’s Auntertainment! Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Watch ‘Atypical’ Mini-Episode

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CREDIT: Erica Parise/Netflix

In the latest “Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Watch…” mini-episode, Jeff’s latest assignment is the Netflix family/coming-of-age sitcom Atypical.

That’s Auntertainment! Episodes 1-8 (Plus 5 Mini-Episodes)

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I started hosting a podcast with my aunt several months ago, and I’ve come to think that I should post my new episodes here so that all my readers can conveniently access them. So below are the first eight episodes of That’s Auntertainment! (as well as five mini-episodes, and one “update” episode).

Episode 1: 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards


Best Podcasts of the 2010s

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Any ranking of the best of the best must come with the caveat that the ranker hasn’t seen/heard everything, and that’s especially true in the case of podcasting, despite it being one of the youngest entertainment mediums around. Obviously I didn’t listen to every podcast released in the 2010s, but I did listen to my fair share. My feed mainly consisted of comedy, pop culture, and comedic pop culture shows. But even if I confine myself to those categories, I cannot claim that I was anywhere near comprehensive. So then, what you are about to read is the revelation of my podcast journey I went on in the past decade.



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October 23, 2019 – Pop culture maven Jeffrey Malone, along with his aunt, Beth Woods, are proud to announce the launch of their entertainment discussion podcast, That’s Auntertainment! Jeff would like to everyone to know: “This is an idea I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while, and I can’t wait for my family, friends, and fans to finally have a chance to check it out.” Beth shares the sentiment, enthusing, “I hope that people enjoy our collaboration, and I’m excited for people to hear our new podcast.”

In each episode, Jeff and Beth select one pop culture topic and discuss it according to the 3 F’s: First, Favorite, and Forever. They reveal their earliest memories, their favorite memories, and what they currently think about the subject. The premiere episode is focused on the Primetime Emmy Awards. Future topics are set to include Whose Line is it Anyway? and Jeopardy!

All episodes can be found on Podbean at You can listen to the first episode below: