That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 17

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Tim from the Dead Times podcast is putting Jeff in an alternative mood with the Karaoke Korner lineup of Beck, Ween, and Mr. Warren Zevon.

That’s Auntertainment! Mini-Episode: Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Watch The Lady and the Dale, and RIP Jessica Walter

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The Lady and the Dale (CREDIT: HBO/YouTube Screenshot)

Aunt Beth has decreed that it’s time for Jeff to watch the multifaceted HBO docuseries The Lady and the Dale. What does he think? Let’s find out!

Also, Jessica Walter (1941-2021) is memorialized.

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 28: WandaVision and Oscar Nominations Reactions (w/ Bob Malone and Jenn from The Community Rewatch Podcast)

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Vision, Wanda (CREDIT: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot)

Bob Malone (aka Dad, aka Brother Bob) returns, while Jenn from The Community ReWatch Podcast makes her That’s Auntertainment debut, because like Aunt Beth and Jeff, they’ve all been seeing the world through WandaVision goggles lately.

They also have some thoughts about the 93rd Oscar nominations!

That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 16

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Uncle Martin (aka Brother Martin) provides the setlist for the latest Karaoke Korner: Van “The Man” Morrison, Eagles (no “the”), and Boy George Harrison.

That’s Auntertainment! Mini-Episode: 2021 Golden Globes

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CREDIT: NBC/YouTube Screenshot

Jeff and Aunt Beth are talking FAVORITE moments of the 2021 Golden Globes.

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 27: The Chase and ABC Fun & Games (w/ Dave Coyle)

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The Chase (CREDIT: Ron Batzdorff/ABC)

The Chase is on! It’s on the telly, that is, if on a Thursday night at 9:00 you find yourself with Aunt Beth or Jeff or their special guest Dave Coyle.

That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 15

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Jeff asked his cousin Brady and the rest of the Maryland Malones to provide him with a Karaoke Korner lineup, and boy, did they deliver…

That’s Auntertainment! Mini-Episode: Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Listen to Black Pumas

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Aunt Beth has soul, and she wants Jeff to feel it by having him listen to Black Pumas’ 2019 self-titled debut album.

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 26: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and TV Musicals (w/ Nath and Carolyn Pizzolatto)

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CREDIT: YouTube Screenshot

Jeff and Aunt Beth were in the mood for an extraordinary episode, so they welcomed Nath (@RuckCohlchez) and Carolyn (@perma_lurker) of the Dude & Broad cast (@DudeBroad) to discuss Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and how it fits within the rhythm of other TV musicals.

That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 14

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Past (and future?) That’s Auntertainment! guest Marissa Sblendorio has quite the hitmaking lineup for the latest Karaoke Korner: Ms. Ariana Grande, Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen, and Mr.’s and Ms.’s ABBA.

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