That’s Auntertainment! Mini-Episode: 2022 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

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CREDIT: Jeopardy!/Screenshot

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! This year, Jeff and His Dad were thankful for the 2022 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.

That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 31

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CREDIT: YouTube Screenshots

Jeff’s cousin Megan sends him back to the 90s* in the latest Karaoke Korner! (*-Only 90s kids will understand.)

N.B.: Jeff accidentally miscounts which edition of Karaoke Korner this is during the episode.

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 48: Weird Al

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Oh. Weird. (Credit: alyankovic/Screenshot)

Jeff and Aunt Beth welcome the Riesmeyers on for a discussion, and things get weird: Weird Al, Weird daring to be stupid, Weird word crimes, Weird movies, Weird processed meat, Weird scissors, Weird video formats, Weird southwestern cities, Weird memories, Weird et cetera.

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: What’s Jeff’s Watching? #2

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Dr. Laughter (CREDIT: Screenshot)

Jeff recaps his Halloween-centric viewing and has a thing or to say about IFC’s Wednesday night lineup.

Also: what’s really the scariest month of the year?

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Watch ‘Bloodline’

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A Member of the Rayburn Family

Watch out when you step out into the Florida sun: it (Ray)burns! Jeff knows this now, as Aunt Beth decided that it was time for him to watch Bloodline.

That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 30: Special Billboard ‘100 Greatest Karaoke Songs of All Time’ Reaction Edition

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CREDIT: Screenshot

In a VERY Special Edition of Karaoke Korner, Jeff reacts to this list:

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 47: Alan Tudyk and Resident Alien

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Just your friendly neighborhood resident alien (CREDIT: SYFY/Screenshot)

This is not a podcast hosted by aliens. But we do talk about some of them! Like Harry Vanderspeigle. With a little help from Aunt Beth’s son/Jeff’s nephew Rory.

Also discussed: the Community movie.

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: What’s Jeff’s Watching? #1

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Who is Reggie Watts? (CREDIT: Tyler Golden/ABC)

In a brand new Mini-Episode series, Jeff is talking about the movies and shows he’s been watching lately that he and Aunt Beth haven’t covered on the full-length episodes (yet?). On this edition, We get into Barbarian, Don’t Worry Darling, Celebrity Jeopardy!, and the recent announcement about the Community movie.

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Revisit ‘Schitt’s Creek’

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(CREDIT: CBC/Screenshot)

Well, fold in that cheese! A while back, Aunt Beth told Jeff to watch Schitt’s Creek, and he gave his initial thoughts at the time, but did he then keep watching? It’s time to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s Auntertainment! Mini-Episode: 2022 Emmys

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CREDIT: Television Academy/Screenshot

The Emmys are an endangered species, but they sing no victim’s podcast.

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