Season Analysis: Newsreaders is adequately amusing, but it feels a lot less significant than its fellow Adult Swim Abominable Pictures brethren.


“Hair Razing”
I am definitely in favor of openness when it comes to sexuality, but too much openness can lead to unintended consequences.  This is often represented by the spread of STD’s that occurred in the decades following the sexual revolution of the 1960’s.  In that vein, too much openness and willingness regarding grooming one’s pubic hair can lead to something like a huge chunk of pubes polluting the ocean and threatening the life of the great tufted warbler, in a silly sort of way.  To explain why “Hair Razing” was more amusing than the rest of the premiere season of Newsreaders, it may be more relevant to mention that this was one of the episodes that featured Kumail Nanjiani reporting as Amir Larussa.  Seriously, any time Kumail has appeared on my TV screen the past few years, it has been a good deal.  His naturally incredulous but also fantastical voice makes him THE natural to report the fake news on a fake newsmagazine.