Season Analysis: My first foray into the world of drag queen reality television was as breezy as I was hoping for, but it was also poignant, with these ladies finding their way into my heart much more than I was expecting.


“Snatch Game”
As a novice Drag Race viewer, I was promised that the Snatch Game episode is the most reliably entertaining of any season, and this year’s edition did not disappoint.  It helped that I was already predisposed to love several elements, as I used to watch Match Game reruns on Game Show Network, and one of the guest judges was Drag Race superfan Gillian Jacobs, one of the stars of my favorite show, Community.
Joslyn Fox may have been too spacy to be the next drag superstar, but that persona allowed her to perfectly capture the spirit of Real Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice (“prostitution whoreses,” “cumin”).  BenDeLaCreme didn’t play Maggie Smith so much as the Dowager Countess, but that was the right move, as it allowed her to kill with bemusement about modern culture, asking us if we could imagine something like a citrus-flavored drink!  Not every impression worked, but luckily there was Bianca Del Rio’s Judge Judy (a bold, but ultimately successful take on one of Ru’s idols) to keep everyone in check.  (“Beauty fades, dumb is forever,” she snapped at Gia Gunn’s Kim Kardashian.)  I haven’t seen any others, but I’ll take Ru’s word that it was the tightest snatch … game in history.

Runner-up: “Drag Queens of Comedy”
Bianca del Rio dominated far and away this year’s race for America’s Next Drag Superstar, and never more so than with her killer stand-up set.  Guest judge Jaime Pressly was upset that she wasn’t the target of any of the material, to which Bruce Vilanch noted that it is the mark of a truly great insult comic when the audience is begging to be insulted.