The Middle Season 9 Review

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CREDIT: Michael Ansell/ABC

I give The Middle Season 9 4 out of 5 Family Car Trips:


The Middle 7.24: “The Show Must Go On”

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“You mean a fart-to-fart talk?”

The Middle 7.23 – “Find My Hecks”

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Brick’s still not ready to give up the fight about library hours.

The Middle 7.22 – “Not Mother’s Day”

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Now everything’s in Korean!

The Middle 7.21: “The Lanai”

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Can Lexie wrote you a check for your sadness?

The Middle 7.20 – “Survey Says…”

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Frankie cares. She watched Comic Relief!

The Middle 7.19 – “Crushed”

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Remember when Brick went to Chicago with Cindy and her parents?

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