That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 32

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This time on Karaoke Korner, we have a hip hop-centric lineup courtesy of Jeff’s cousin Kylie’s boyfriend* Scott. (*-That’s a closer relation than father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.)

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: Aunt Beth Tells Jeff to Listen to ‘Waiting for the Sun’

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It’s January, but on That’s Auntertainment, it’s always the right to listen to the sunny SoCal psychedelia of The Doors.

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: What’s Jeff Watching? #4

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Caption this, wrong answers only (CREDIT: Screenshot)

Spin! The! Wheel! … to see how 2022 ended, and how 2023 began.

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 38 2022 ReRelease: Our Favorite Christmas Movies of All Time

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CREDIT: Screenshot

Santa Claus has made a lot of Christmas movies over the years, and Aunt Beth and Jeff finally revealed their favorites in 2021.

Enjoy this encore episode under the mistletoe!

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 24 2022 ReRelease: Favorite Christmas Songs of All Time

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CREDIT: Run-DMC/Screenshot

Merry Happy (again [again])! Jeff and Aunt Beth reveal(ed in 2020) their favorite Christmas songs of all time. And maybe someone else did too? (Yes.)

Now featuring a(nother) brand-spankin’ new intro from Jeff!

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 49: Our Favorite Christmas TV Episodes of All Time

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CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

The That’s Auntertainment! Christmas Trilogy is finally complete!

That’s Auntertaiment Mini-Episode: What’s Jeff Watching? #3

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BIG MONEY! (CREDIT: Wheel of Fortune/Screenshot)

Christmas games, the Ladies of HBO, Drunk Santa.

That’s Auntertainment! Mini-Episode: 2022 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

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CREDIT: Jeopardy!/Screenshot

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! This year, Jeff and His Dad were thankful for the 2022 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.

That’s Auntertainment! Karaoke Korner 31

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CREDIT: YouTube Screenshots

Jeff’s cousin Megan sends him back to the 90s* in the latest Karaoke Korner! (*-Only 90s kids will understand.)

N.B.: Jeff accidentally miscounts which edition of Karaoke Korner this is during the episode.

That’s Auntertainment! Episode 48: Weird Al

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Oh. Weird. (Credit: alyankovic/Screenshot)

Jeff and Aunt Beth welcome the Riesmeyers on for a discussion, and things get weird: Weird Al, Weird daring to be stupid, Weird word crimes, Weird movies, Weird processed meat, Weird scissors, Weird video formats, Weird southwestern cities, Weird memories, Weird et cetera.

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