Season Analysis: Napoleon Dynamite the movie was already cartoonish enough, so the development of an animated series was a natural and pleasant enough transition for the citizens of Preston, Idaho.


There is plenty of potential for a momentous occasion when someone finally meets the object of one’s affection.  Ligers had pretty much been Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal, believing as he did that they were bred for their skills in magic.  Obviously when actually meeting ligers for the first time, he would discover that they were not in fact magical, but for the sake of good enough television, the ligers needed to be even more disappointing than just “not magical.”  Thus, Napoleon discovered them in an environment in which they were allowed to lie around all day and get their heads stuck in empty chicken buckets.  This episode of the short-lived Napoleon Dynamite TV series is a minor example in the canon of stories of children growing up and learning the sad truths of life, but it did have an enjoyable Napoleon Dynamite-esque oddness that made it a somewhat memorable half hour of television.