If you enjoy sketch comedy with a personal viewpoint, then you need to start watching IFC’s The Birthday Boys.  On the last episode this past Friday, all your favorites were back:

Pal Ivans!
D’Walter Galf!
Alvin Lightheart!
Richard Trick-card!
Pippy Pepper and the Lil’ Stinker!
The Professor!
Alan “Boom Boom” Edison!
Cape Man!
Porker LeVance!
The Business Suit Singers!
Marnie Hubbub!
Tré Westinghouse Jr.!
Jacques Francais!
A new whistle from Cale Donk!
Gene Goldman!
Little Reginald, featuring Big Reginald!
The Frisco Twins!
Medium Reginald!
The Leader of the Band!
Count Vanny von Voog!
A nature film from Doug “Aloha” Makana!
Brick by Brick!
Stu Gordon and his Downtown Kids!
Barbara Wawa!
Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr!
Hallie St. Cranston(?)
The Celebrity Chef!
Beverly Chalice(?)
The Girl-ettes!
“Salty Jake” Turlington!
Harrison Carstar!
Vinny Valentino!
Another prank call to Twitch Cablebaum!
The Big Date!
Roy G. Biv!
Fendi Bonnie Wright!
Athenacious Acapoulos!
Chash Brower!
The Raunchy Rancher!
Tracy Tell-All!
Varl Hobe!
Rob Schneiderlander!
Little Peter!
Old Joe!
Old Joe Jr.!
Sinky Sailor!
Zeek the Zookeeper!
Zuzu and Zoey!
Zeus Zenobia!
Ron Gladstone!
Spooky Saul!
Another performance from Porker LeVance!
Dojo Dan!
Bertha Biggs!
Pleasant Resident!
Vinny Vacation!
Francisco Fernando Peen!
The Perennial Fatboy!
Cornelius Cobb!
Tall Tina!
The Sick Twins!
Sergeant Boston Irish!
The Wacky Ding Dongs!
The Architect!
Masculine Mom!
Ducky Powell!
Annie Quint!
Ben E. Fa¢tor!
Jillian Blanche!
Riff Skiffy!
Barclay Schumacher!
Glen Rodgers!
Disco Dan!
Duffer McMulligan!
Missy Lady-face!
The Weary Traveler!
Doctor Dork!
Private Longhair!
Caliente La Salsa!
The Angry Proctologist!
The Birthday Boys, featuring:
Mike Hanford!
Tim Kalpakis!
Jeff Dutton!
Mike Mitchell!
Chris VanArtsdalen!
Matt Kowalick!
Dave Ferguson!
Mark Hampton!
Mick Franklin!
Trip Anverdalin(?)
Jeff Mulchen(?)
Mitch Kowalnic!
Tom VonDalenen!
Jay Bervakis!
Vrim Kowpaksis!
Jeffrem Hanchel!
Jim Chowchapkis!
Doug David Dutton!
James Ferguson Ferguson!
Dirk Johnton!
Dutz van Duntz!
Fergusontun van Mitch!
Mike Hanfordeeny!
Cheech Kowalkis!
Dave Tofermiket Jr.!
Mike Mike!
Arts van Packis!
Michael David Smike!
Christon David Matts!
Jack Fergalick!
Panhand Mitch!
Jefferson Mitchdan!
Pakison Matsopher!