Watch And/Or Listen to This: Conan Has A Very Punchable Face

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CREDIT: TBS/YouTube Screenshot

Conan O’Brien has a long and storied history of goofing around with Jeopardy!, so it was only appropriate that this fate should befall him:

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Boliviguay Comic-Con® Is Even Bigger Than San Diego Comic-Con®

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CREDIT: TBS via YouTube

Watch And/Or Listen to This is a semi-occasional column in which I recommend content that I believe is worth watching and/or listening to.

This year’s lineup at Boliviguay Comic-Con includes:

-Lactose Tolerant Girl
-The Flush
-The Incredible Jeff
-The Cast of Chicago Zombie
-Tyrannosaurus Yes
-George R.R.R. Martin

Watch And/Or Listen to This: The President Of Boliviguay Invites Conan To His Country

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CREDIT: TBS via YouTube

You can’t visit Boliviguay until you get your shots for:

-Too Many Hands Disease
-The Disappointing Tingles
-Jeff Breath
-Total Scrotal Confusion
-Resting Bitch Ankle
-Banana Syndrome
-Penile Senility
-Some-heimer’s Disease
-Listing Fake Diseases Disease

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Boliviguay Wants to Be in the World Series

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This is probably the funniest thing to come out of late night television since Trebek went insane.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Bruce Springsteen’s Rejected Harry Potter Song

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“Cause there’s no class to teach Defense Against the Broken Hearts”

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Meg Myers’ “Motel” on Conan

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Where has Meg Myers been my whole life?
(P.S. I love the sneakers.)

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Puppy Conan V

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I’d like to adopt them all.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Scooter Tonight

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Here’s a segment from Conan from a weeks ago that I’ve been watching over and over. Can’t go wrong with dogs doing people things.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Ty Segall’s “Feel” on Conan

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I mean, seriously? How is this real?

The Collected Madness of Alex Trebek, Volume 11

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Alex Trebek is starting to lose it, and as a public service, I will be posting all the evidence of his insanity.

47. Skrillex, whose name is Yiddish for “toxic pig skin”, became deaf in his right ear while probing a human embryo with the gas-powered congresswoman

48. Oops! Bruce Willis butt-dialed my mother-in-law saying, “Och, bring over your mother & go outside & dig up some tatties”

49. Currently the top 10 baby names for Jewish girls include Inchworm, Happy Nuts, Flimsy Puss, Caterpillar Smokes, Brown Sugar & Desert Dweller

50. Hugh Jackman is a hairy man with one saclike body cavity that looks like an older dog with thick fur who was put to sleep for making a fool of himself

51. OMG! A self-absorbed carpet soaking yoga instructor squeezed out a humorously small sausage equivalent to 1/60 of a belly button

52. The ex-president of Ukraine, James VanDerBeek, often massages weasels in order to extract this foul-smelling waxy secretion that has bridge engineers all over the world screaming, “Whassup!”

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