Jeffrey Malone’s 50 Favorite TV Shows of All Time

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You can learn a lot about people from their favorite television programs. TV viewing involves spending a lot of time with fictional characters and more or less forming relationships with them. Who we choose to spend our time with says a lot about our own personalities. With that in mind, here are the current standings for my 50 favorite shows of all time.



Review 2.10 – “Conspiracy Theory”

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Someone wants to kill Forrest. That’s a bummer.

Review 2.9: “Happiness; Pillow Fight; Imaginary Friend”

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“Where this gets done is less important than who does it.”

Review 2.8: “Murder; Magic 8 Ball; Procrastination”

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“You never killed anybody over there or anything?” “As a nurse, you mean?”

Review 2.7: “Buried Alive; 6 Star Review; Public Speaking”

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“You masturbate on the tombstones, make sure you clean up after your mess.” “Goes without saying.”

Review 2.6: “William Tell; Grant a Wish; Rowboat”

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“Joe was a terrible person. What a stark contrast with me, a man who had come here to do something wonderful.”

Review 2.5: “Catfish; Haunted House”

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My review of the latest Review, with our sailor Forrest, and as always, his mermaid AJ.

Review 2.4 “Cult; Perfect Body”

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“Well … the penis is all right. I like what you did with that.”

Review 2.3: “Falsely Accused; Sleep With Your Teacher; Little Person”

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“Although this predatory behavior felt wrong on every level, I had to continue for the good of humanity.”

Review 2.2: “Curing Homosexuality; Mile High Club”

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Who knew Shampoo would have so much self-respect?

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