Season Analysis: It always sounds a little suspicious when high school movies and TV shows are described as perfectly capturing the high school experience, because everyone’s high school experience is different.  Having said that, Awkward.’s characters really do seem like real people, and similarly, it is a show that is delightfully confident enough to be its own self and move at its own pace (Season premiere taking place on New Year’s Eve airing in summer? Why not?!).


“Once Upon a Blog”
I may be a sucker for a show messing with its normal format, or “Once Upon a Blog” really was a truly unabashedly fun episode of Awkward.  The thing is, most Awkward. episodes are, well, a bit awkward.  So, it was a delightful change of pace to go through what-if scenarios and genre flips.  If the entire series were like this, it would all be a bit too lightweight.  But as a one-off, it encapsulated all that the show is and could have been.