Watch And/Or Listen to This: Aly & AJ’s “Listen!!!”

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“Listen!!!” (CREDIT: Aly & AJ/YouTube Screenshot)

I know Aly & AJ from their (separate) acting work, but I never really knew their music … until now.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Lily & Madeleine’s “Can’t Help The Way I Feel”

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“Can’t Help the Way I Feel” (CREDIT: Lily & Madeleine/YouTube Screenshot)

I heard this on the Promising Young Woman soundtrack. It reminds me of Diana Ross and those dang Supremes.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Miley Cyrus’ “Midnight Sky”

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CREDIT: YouTube Screenshot

She shows no mercy when she absolutely slays some of those epic notes.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”

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CREDIT: Dua Lipa/YouTube Screenshot

Disco’s So Hot Right Now, Part 2

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Doja Cat’s “Say So”

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CREDIT: Doja Cat/YouTube Screenshot

Disco’s So Hot Right Now, Part 1

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Men I Trust’s “Lauren”

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CREDIT: Men I Trust/YouTube Screenshot

Usually YouTube’s algorithm recommends videos to me that I’ve already seen before or that feature the same people from other videos I’ve just watched. They make sense as recommendations, sure, but it’s hardly impressive that they get it right. But then a few days ago, Men I Trust’s “Lauren” popped up. It’s a groovy little bass-driven number that just screams “good vibes.” It’s a balm for anxiety, as is its music video, which is just a girl in a red jumper riding her bike along a mostly empty road.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Taylor Janzen’s “What I Do…”

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CREDIT: Taylor Janzen/YouTube Screenshot

The vibe here is early 2000s indie pop rock (think Rilo Kiley) but with a Gen-Z twist.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Youngblood”

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CREDIT: 5SOS/YouTube Screenshot

I heard this song several times before I knew it was 5 Seconds of Summer. It’s surely their best song!

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Hozier’s “Dinner & Diatribes”

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CREDIT: Hozier/YouTube

Here’s another great song/music video I discovered while walking around the Sony Building. Hozier vs. Anya Taylor-Joy is the Great Psychological Battle of 2019: who’d a thunk it? (I’m in love with the lone “ah” that Hozier lets out at 3:26.)

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Sara Bareilles’ “Armor”

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CREDIT: Sara Bareilles/YouTube

Occasionally I see screenings at the Sony Building in New York. Typically, there are music videos playing on the screens in the hallways by artists on Sony labels. So that’s how I recently discovered Sara Bareilles’ “Armor,” a timely and timeless number about female empowerment with some irresistible jazzy piano.

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