Season Analysis: This was my first season watching Justified, and the large cast was difficult to keep track of, and I am not sure watching the first three seasons would have necessarily all helped all that much in that regard.  I ultimately figured that the best way to enjoy the show was to focus on the strong character moments, which there are plenty of, especially because of two excellent leads in Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins.


“Get Drew”
There was a lot to keep track in Justified Season 4, for both the audience and the characters to the point where the Marshals eventually did not care if Shelby was really Drew Thompson or Drew Thompson was really Shelby – all they needed to know was that there was someone who had they take into custody.  So considering all the time that was spent on staying on top of things, it was nice that the end of the season was mostly things just happening, and that really started to kick into gear with the anteantepenultimate episode, “Get Drew.”  Boyd and Ava try to keep Drew stashed away until the Detroit toughs can pick him up, Johnny gives up Boyd to the Marshals, the Marshals show up just as the Detroit crew is touching down, and then it’s off to the races!