Best Super Bowl LVII Commercial(s)

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I Can Haz Sooper Bowl Kumercial? (CREDIT:
Made by Google/Screenshot)

Usually I post my list of favorite Super Bowl the night of The Big Game or the morning after. But this year, I decided to wait a few days and see what stuck with me. Because, after all, the really truly madly deeply classic commercials are the ones that you can’t get out of your head.


5 Great Super Bowl LVI Commercials

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Super Bowl commercials are generally available to be watched online ahead of time, but I waited to watch them during the game, like God intended.


I Liked These 5 Super Bowl LV Commercials

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People who are known for making me laugh made me laugh in these ads. Makes sense.

5. Bud Light Legends: I appreciate a sense of history.


Best 2020 Super Bowl Commercials

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CREDIT: Reeses/YouTube Screenshot

The major trend of Super Bowl LIV’s ads appeared to be Collaboration. Multiple spots promoted multiple products, what with Charlie Day asking everyone what to do about his stain and Sofia Vergara teaming up with the Old Spice guy and the Charmin bear with the clean heinie to take care of a chili spill. As for my own particular personal reactions, it felt so good to laugh again!

Before I get to the rankings, I would like to note that at the viewing party I attended, it was hard to hear the ads during the first half, but thankfully by the third quarter the acoustics were much more favorable. If any early spots looked like they deserved reconsideration, I made sure to re-watch them on YouTube.

5. Minions: The Rise of Gru, “Get Ready” – Usually I don’t include movie or TV trailers in these rankings, but this is Minions (set to “Sabotage”), so obviously I had to make an exception.


Best 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

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It’s time to reboot the Super Bowl commercials. What was the deal with Bud Light’s corn syrup obsession. It wasn’t annoying, nor was it anti-brilliant (I don’t think), it was just puzzling. Here’s my top 5:

5. Dietz and Watson, “Craig Robinson Likes Dietz Nuts” – Craig Robinson saying “Dietz nuts”: I can’t help but laugh.


Best Super Bowl 51 Commercials

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I’m still ranking the best Super Bowl commercials. Click on the link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

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The Super Bowl was 6 days ago. I am posting this list on a Saturday. The biggest trends this year were cinematic montages and Paul Rudd.


4. AXE, “Find Your Magic” – Inclusivity.


Best 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

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Weirder is better, and so are surprises.

1. Squarespace – “Om” – My takeaway from Super Bowl XLIX: We’ll all be better off if we just let Jeff Bridges lead us in meditation.


Best 2014 Super Bowl Commercials

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I am just about 100% positive that halftime commercials did not use to be included in the USA Today Ad Meter.  Now, it appears they are included (at least for the most part).  Well, regardless, I did consider the halftime commercials.  I pretty much had to this year.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I meant to put the ironic, yet sincere “Make Love, Not War” by Axe at Number 1.  Please place everything else down one slot.

1. Honda – “Hugfest” – Don’t ever stop hugging, Fred.

2. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – I’ll just quote @Seinfeld2000: “Honestly was that a dream or was sienfeld realy just on TV”

3. Radio Shack – “Phone Call” – The perfect dramatization of a classic joke.

4. Budweiser – “Puppy Love” – Not particularly clever, but there was a puppy.

5. H&M – “Beckham” – This one speaks for itself

Honorable Mention: The Bud Light “Epic Night” spots felt like a missed opportunity for such a cool idea, but at least Reggie Watts was in them.

Best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

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My initial feeling was that 2013 was the worst year for Super Bowl commercials I could remember.  After reviewing the crop, I realized that there were several at-least-half-decent entrants.  One big reason I thought it was a bad year at first was because I was at a loud party, and I could hardly hear any of the first half commercials.  Interestingly enough, though, I was mostly able to enjoy my choices for the best over the din of the party without needing a re-watch to confirm their worthiness.  While this year actually ultimately did have plenty of good ones, it may have had more bad ones than any other year.  But I won’t go into detail on that, because I don’t like doing worst-of lists.

I was worried that this list was going to be made up of just some pretty good selections, but then came the last commercial of the game, which was something else…

1. Samsung – “The Next Big Thing”
With Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, this just seemed like an Apatovian scene, which would have worked well enough for me, but I understand that bothers some people.  But then Bob Odenkirk strolled in, and it’s like, “Oh, it’s something more.”  Odenkirk always kills it as an executive, and he leavens the meta nature of the bit, which could be annoying, but managed to be dutifully satirical.  Also, my brother has a friend from college named “Sam Song.”

2. Tide – “Miracle Stain”
What a triumph of minimalist, well-structured storytelling.  What a terrible wife, and what a great punchline.

3. Best Buy – “Asking Amy”
“Are we in the cloud now?!”
Rather small-scale for a Super Bowl commercial, but when considered just as any commercial, Super Bowl or not, well, then, obviously, it’s great.  Typically, commercials are seen many times over, so it’s ideal if  it has maximum replay value.  Amy Poehler asking wittily goofy questions to a sales rep?  Most def maximum replay value.

4. Go Daddy – “Perfect Match”
It got people talking.  That’s what an effective commercial does.

5. Kia – “Space Babies”
Above all else, worth it for the shot of the astronaut babies of various species walking out on the platform.

As I said, I don’t like worst-of lists, so instead of picking the worst commercial, I’ll pick the Most Eh? Commercial.  And that would be the Coke chase.  What was that?  Come on.

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