CREDIT: Reeses/YouTube Screenshot

The major trend of Super Bowl LIV’s ads appeared to be Collaboration. Multiple spots promoted multiple products, what with Charlie Day asking everyone what to do about his stain and Sofia Vergara teaming up with the Old Spice guy and the Charmin bear with the clean heinie to take care of a chili spill. As for my own particular personal reactions, it felt so good to laugh again!

Before I get to the rankings, I would like to note that at the viewing party I attended, it was hard to hear the ads during the first half, but thankfully by the third quarter the acoustics were much more favorable. If any early spots looked like they deserved reconsideration, I made sure to re-watch them on YouTube.

5. Minions: The Rise of Gru, “Get Ready” – Usually I don’t include movie or TV trailers in these rankings, but this is Minions (set to “Sabotage”), so obviously I had to make an exception.

4. Alexa, “Before Alexa” – Ellen and I have similar taste in music.

3. “Rick and Morty x Pringles” – For the Fans: Delicious and Crispy Edition

2. Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, “As Good as the Original” – It often feels so gross to repurpose classic film scenes for such purposes, but the iconography of The Shining makes it feel appropriate.

1. Reese’s Take 5, “Rock” – I love taking things literally when they’re meant to be taken figuratively (and vice versa), which is one of the main reasons why Man Seeking Woman is one of my favorite shows of the past decade. It’s also the main reason why I loved this commercial so much, as it literalizes common metaphors about being out of touch. Topped off with a fellow with his head tucked within his hindquarters, it’s a laugh riot for the whole family!