It’s time to reboot the Super Bowl commercials. What was the deal with Bud Light’s corn syrup obsession. It wasn’t annoying, nor was it anti-brilliant (I don’t think), it was just puzzling. Here’s my top 5:

5. Dietz and Watson, “Craig Robinson Likes Dietz Nuts” – Craig Robinson saying “Dietz nuts”: I can’t help but laugh.

4. T-Mobile, “We’ll Keep This Brief” – Most of T-Mobile’s spots were based on humor that’s been around in other media, but it works in a new sphere as well. I love walls of text.

3. Expensify – Adam Scott and 2 Chainz teaming up, what else do you need?

2. Stella Artois, “Change Up the Usual” – A classic switcheroo.

1. Burger King, “Eat Like Andy” – Let’s give the top to Andy Warhol and eternal transgressiveness. Should we eat BK like Andy? Should we eat BK at all? You only live for 15 minutes.