Watch And/Or Listen to This: The President Of Boliviguay Invites Conan To His Country

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CREDIT: TBS via YouTube

You can’t visit Boliviguay until you get your shots for:

-Too Many Hands Disease
-The Disappointing Tingles
-Jeff Breath
-Total Scrotal Confusion
-Resting Bitch Ankle
-Banana Syndrome
-Penile Senility
-Some-heimer’s Disease
-Listing Fake Diseases Disease

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Boliviguay Wants to Be in the World Series

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This is probably the funniest thing to come out of late night television since Trebek went insane.

Watch And/Or Listen to This: Bruce Springsteen’s Rejected Harry Potter Song

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“Cause there’s no class to teach Defense Against the Broken Hearts”