“Rapture’s Delight”

Stan and Francine have sex in the church closet during Christmas Day Mass, causing them to be left behind during the Rapture.  When Francine realizes that Stan cares more about ascending into heaven than being with her, she leaves him for Jesus, who has appeared for his second coming.  Fast-forward seven years to the real meat of this episode – the post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque future brought on by the war between Jesus and the Antichrist.
While watching this episode, it was one of those times in which I was getting some work done while watching TV, so for a good portion, I was not paying complete attention.  But about halfway through the post-apocalyptic part, I said to myself, “What the hell is going on right now on American Dad!, the wackiest and most unbridled show on television?”  At that moment, I surrendered and put down my work.  Where had this portrayal of the Anti-Christ (as voiced by Andy Samberg) sprung from?  The ways in which he is the opposite of Jesus are conveyed via shtick (“Condemn them, Mother, for they know exactly what they do!”)  An elaborate and absurd battle provides the climax, highlighted by a trap built by the Anti-Christ falling apart (“You were a carpenter!  I’m not handy at all!”).  Ultimately, and unsurprisingly, the most immortally memorable moment comes from Roger, when he drops his meatball in the pool.

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