“Last Tango, Then Paris”

Just like so many shows before it, Gossip Girl struggled once most of its main characters headed to college.  The problem was not so much that the writers could not figure out college-centric storylines but that the fact of going to different schools made it so that the Constance Billard grads were necessarily apart too often.  The truth is that some of these Upper East Siders do not go well together, and a great deal of the fun of GG comes from the offbeat groupings.  The main reasons for watching GG are Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick – anyone who disagrees is watching for the wrong reasons – but I must say I have really started to appreciate Penn Badgley, mainly thanks to the several odd couple moments between Dan and Blair this season.  In the finale, everyone imploded into one another.  Dan punched Chuck in a scene that Blair also appeared in, and while I generally prefer the awkwardly funny, yet sweet Dan-Blair moments, I was happy to see Dan take action.  The Chuck-Jenny hookup left me in shock, and I am still too much in shock to say whether or not I liked it, but at least it brought the crazy.  I was happy to see GG go for broke in a season that otherwise featured too much Vanessa.  And, of course, any episode is automatically improved by appearances from Margaret Colin and Wallace Shawn as Eleanor and Cyrus.

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