“Moon Landing”

Jay and Cameron play racquetball at the gym and experience the titular occurrence; meanwhile, Mitchell spends the day with Gloria and Manny to help Gloria with a driving-related legal matter.  These storylines were perfectly hilarious and both had their moments, but this episode rose to unforgettable status with the convergence of all the goings-on of the Dunphy family.  Claire has been spending the day with Valerie, an old friend from work (Minnie Driver, in a whatever guest appearance).  Claire takes careerist Valerie to her house to make her jealous of family life, only to find the following: Phil, wearing a fake mustache, stuck in a port-a-potty (a plumber working at the neighbor’s house had to shut off the pipes, Dylan parked right in front of the potty while Phil was using it, and as for the mustache, he was ostensibly trying to up his swagger while selling homes, but really he had it on for no reason at all); Haley throwing things out her window while fighting with Dylan, only to be passionately making out with him a few minutes later; Luke shirtless and smelling of alcohol, and Alex swatting at a rat with a broom (Luke and Alex were recycling the alcohol containers from their neighbors’ party from last night and Luke had spilled some from a not quite empty bottle onto himself, and as for the rat, well, there just happened to be a rat in the house that day).  “Moon Landing” demonstrated that Modern Family is in the hands of sitcom veterans who simply know how to make television comedy work.

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