“The Playbook”

They are known as static characters.  They are not the main characters (or at least, they should not be).  They do not change over the course of the story, but they do not have to.  Change is only demanded of the protagonist (and maybe of the antagonist).  It would be too much to keep up with if all the supporting characters changed as much as the leads.  Barney Stinson is a static character.  He is a 21st century lothario, and it is expected that he will remain that way for the entire run of How I Met Your Mother.  Even if he does settle into a steady relationship for good, he ought to never give up his “Playbook.”  Following his breakup with Robin, Barney went full force back into the Playbook.  Eventually, he broke down and admitted that relying on the Playbook was his way of coping with the breakup, which he was truly hurt by.  It was interesting to see a version of Barney on the verge of reforming his ways, but it simply did not feel right that that version should last.  Ultimately, the breakdown turned out to be a part of Barney’s most elaborate con ever, and all was right.  Barney was still what we loved him to be.  But somehow in maintaining the status quo, we were given a glimpse behind the master’s work and a peek at a what-if scenario.  And it was all intriguing enough to suggest that maybe it was not all part of the con.

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