Cold Opening – Harry Reid for Senate Press Conference
The impressions are decent enough, so how about somebody comes up with some actual jokes for these guys? C

Emma Stone’s Monologue
Kenan, Bill, and Andy all had a good thing going with their nerd characters, but they were cut off prematurely, so there was no momentum. Andy’s violent shaking while trying to read his prepared statement was a high point. Meanwhile, Bobby’s Jonah Hill was a physical marvel, and Taran’s Michael Cera was freakishly spot-on. B

Ultimately distressing. At there was Bill was his ever-reliable spokesman character. C+

Dream Home Extreme
They did this once before (on the Brian Williams episode back in 2007). It was slightly better the first time. B-

WXPD 9 News – Souping, Trampolining, Dirty Skydiving
Bill was game, and he was playing a character that suits him well. When they introduced each of the new disturbing teen trends, it was amusing, but they didn’t put forth much of an effort in developing any of them. B-

Digital Short – I Broke My Arm
This wasn’t as rhythmically successful as past songs from Digital Shorts. The computer voice ultimately managed to pull this one over to the winning side. B

The View
This episode’s View sketch epitomized the trend of too-short sketches. Giving each of the ladies one line at a time that weret only vaguely connected to each other just feels so inorganic. At least each line was funny on its own. And so much more could have been done with Emma’s Lindsay Lohan impression. Her reaction to the mention of Herbie was nicely strange. B

Wrangler Open Fly Jeans
The best part was Bobby Moynihan’s reaction to Sudeikis’s Brett Favre getting a little too close to him. B-

Kings of Leon perform “Radioactive”
KoL have been compared to U2 a lot lately, but I don’t really see it (Caleb Followill hardly sounds like Bono, for one). I see them as more of a workmanlike, garage-rock type band in the vein of the White Stripes and the Black Keys, and I think that this performance bore this out. They put in a solid night of work. B+

Weekend Update
-The Jokes: The joke about stink bugs (another thing New York does not need: “things that do that”) was the first time this season that an Update joke represented what the best of Update can be. B
-The Segments: -Jimmy McMillan: Kenan milked this surprisingly well, taking the “Rent is Too Damn High” candidate in a manic and absurd direction. Like Mercedes on the last show, this was a role he was born to play. And the real Jimmy McMillan approves. A-
-John Mulaney – “I love it!”: This guy needs a funnier voice. B
-Stefon – How can Stefon be this good in all of his appearances? The fat Urkel, Cosby face, and fat kid on a Slip ‘n’ Slide bits were particularly well-played. A

Les Jeunes de Paris
About as well-choreographed as a sketch on a live comedy television show can be. B

My Brother Knows Everything
Not as annoying as some of the other Nasim Pedrad teenage characters have been. The (wildly unexpected) high point was the ranking of the hottest posters. Nic Cage in Ghost Rider? Hell, yeah. B+

“Sex” Ed Vincent’s Sex Symposium
How long has it been since all the first-year players have been this confident so early? I feel that this is the sort of character that would work in a long-form sketch, or several short sketches. Paul could probably go on for hours as “Sex” Ed, and we would marvel at how he never breaks character. B+

Kings of Leon perform “Pyro”
A lot of credit is deserved for the direction of this performance. The shot choices were uncanny. This was reminiscent of “Use Somebody” as the second song the last time KoL was on the show, with the “Ahhhhahhahhhh-I” of “Pyro” replacing the “Ohohoh” of “Use Somebody.” A-

Googie Rene’s Partially Damaged Halloween Costume Discount Basement
Based on the reaction, I think that the audience would agree with me that the best part of this sketch was Googie Rene shouting, “Hey, how you doin!” The objects covering up the stains, and Kenan and Emma’s bantering were also nice touches. B+

A lot of B’s. Emma deserved more prominent roles. Thank God for Stefon. Kings of Leon own that stage.