“Hannah Montana to the Principal’s Office”

“I could leap across this desk, throw you through a window, because I’m tired of people asking for SPECIAL TREATMENT!”

It may be the case that generally when big-name stars make guest appearances on a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon show, they are allowed to play a version of themselves or a version of their typical characters, but they are also forced to subsume their personae into  a “kid-friendly” environ (whatever that means – usually it means something unbearable).  But in Hannah Montana’s tradition of guest stars, this has not really been the case, at least not completely.  It certainly was not the case when Ray Liotta appeared as the principal of Miley’s high school.  He wasn’t allowed to cuss up a storm, but he was allowed to deliver lines like the one above.  And when it comes to Ray Liotta, that is enough.  Unlike the later episodes of this ultimate season, there were not too many sappy moments or annoying musical montages detracting from the usual zany moments, especially the mugging from the ever-reliable Emily Osment.  But it would be pointless for me to explain what made this the best Hannah Montana episode of the season without singularly focusing on Ray Liotta.  The moment at which the thought of “Wow, they really did let Ray Liotta guest star on Hannah Montana” was the strongest came when, as Principal Luger, he took a picture on his cell phone with Miley as Hannah and then insisted that they retake the shot because, as he said, “I got crazy eyes in this one!”  And he really did have crazy eyes.  Then he declared to a mob of classmates/fans in the hallway, “Ahhhhhh!  Hannah Montana wants to be treated like a regular student! … A.  Regular.  Girl.”  I would not be surprised if some of those extras voided their bowels at that moment.

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