“Petty in Pink”

The debut of Kaylee DeFer as “Charlie” in the previous episode was generally inauspicious, but in her second episode, she turned out to be one of those meta-variety cast additions who seems to be so knowledgeable of the tropes of the show such that she must be a devoted viewer.  That was a fun bit of meta-humor at the time, but it was not the sort of comedy that a soap, even an ironic one like Gossip Girl, could be expected to maintain.  With the reveal of Charlie as “Ivy” in the finale, though, it turned out, on multiple levels, that this was in fact the correct way for DeFer to play her part.  As for the finale, it did, as per usual, come packed with the greatest number of juicy twists, but it was the beginning of this season’s final storylines that set those twists up and made them as gratifying as they were.  Blair’s positive pregnancy test may have shown up in the finale, but in “Petty in Pink,” all three of her Season 4 suitors were prominently in the picture.  Thus, the situation in “Pink” made it possible that if Blair is in fact pregnant, the dad could be any of the three.  Well, it almost definitely is not Dan.  And her times with Louis appear to have been chaste.  Basically, Chuck must be the father.  Nonetheless, “Petty in Pink” is still noteworthy for the fullest realization of that love quadrangle.

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