“The Benefactor Factor”

Some fans of The Big Bang Theory have criticized it by saying that it has become “The Sheldon Show,” the accusation being that it has come to focus too much on the Vulcan-esque lead at the expense of every other character.  This is rather nonsensical, considering, for one, that this has been the case from the beginning, and also, that this is a good thing.  Sheldon is by far the funniest and most interesting character on the show.  But, indeed, for The Big Bang Theory to be as strong as it can possibly be, every character should be given a chance to shine.  Thus, it was a joy to watch the entire gang rib Leonard as he was propositioned by an elderly millionaire widow apparently in exchange for a donation for the university.  Sheldon, Howard, and Raj all had their opportunities to fire away, and Penny was able to show off her expertise for “trading sexual favors for material gain” (as Sheldon described it).  While each character was given due screen time in this episode, of course it was Sheldon who delivered the most memorable lines, as he expressed his pride in Leonard for selling himself out like “a common streetwalker” and his “real knack for gigolo work.”

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