“A Piñata Named Desire”

The great thing about bad acting is when it is presented as such.  It takes talent to be a bad actor on purpose, and when that talent is present, hilarity ensues.  As this is a plain truth, it is fun when it is presented in an unusual way, as was the case in the best episode of this season of American Dad!  Stan is a bad actor, and this has made him a liability when he is undercover for the CIA.  This bad acting manifests itself in – of all things – the way in which he carries a glass of water.  Thus, bad acting is presented in an unusual context and rendered absurd.  As the story develops with Roger helping Stan with his acting, American Dad! becomes further and further involved in its strange little self, which is what the best episodes of this strange little show tend to do.  It is ridiculous that Stan and Roger are playing parts in “Piñata Man” that really do not fit them, let alone the persistently ridiculously fact that Roger is an alien who looks clearly different than the humans he is surrounded by, and the ridiculousness is amped up by Stan and Roger’s one-upmanship game of sexual acts, but that is the world of American Dad! for you.

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