“Caught in the Act”

What works best for Modern Family and just about any show with large main casts and multiple storylines in one episode is when everyone crashes into each other.  That did not quite happen in “Caught in the Act” (Cam and Mitchell’s storyline remained separate), but it was close enough.  Phil and Claire already had enough going on without Jay and Gloria showing up at their door.  So of course it would all end up becoming a comedy of errors with misunderstandings galore, and of course Phil’s crush on Gloria would come into play, so much so that he nearly passed out.  The other highlight of this episode was Claire and Phil’s handling of their kids walking in on them.  In a meta moment, the Dunphy kids were right on in predicting the sort of family meeting their parents would have to explain what happened.  And their explanation was actually quite reasonable and sweet, in its own potentially uncomfortable way.

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