“Dave of the Dead”

Three words: nineties bat mitzvah.
Happy Endings is about a group of friends who hang out and talk to each other, their conversations occasionally peppered with cultural references.  In other words, it is hardly any different than a great number of other sitcoms, but its cultural references are tangier than those of most sitcoms.  Despite this, there is no great overarching idea behind all the mentions of early nineties nostalgia and Chicago trivia.  This changed, at least for an episode, when Penny started dating a hipster, someone who actually does have a purpose behind any and all cultural references.  This difference in purpose or lack thereof came to a head when the gang was invited to a hipster party with “nineties bat mitzvah” as the theme.  The hipsters played cheesy mid-nineties dance-pop like “I’m Too Sexy” while doing their best impressions of bored upper-middle-class Jewish teenagers.  Hipster humor is generally hilarious, but it is often indulgent, so it was healthy that the disaffected hipster elements were tempered by the overeager Penny.