The folks over at recently posted a list of “9 Fake SNL Products We’d Actually Buy” (apparently their blog is not exclusively related to issues of higher education – lucky us, I suppose).  Here’s the rundown on their choices:

1. Damn It, My Mom is on Facebook Filter
2. Duncan Hines Brownie Husband
3. Old Glory Insurance
4. Bug Off
5. Nelson’s Baby Toupees
6. Bathroom Monkey
7. Dissing Your Dog training videos
8. Taco Town
9. Einstein Express

I’ve got to agree wholeheartedly that I would actually like to take on the challenge of a Taco Town taco.  The Brownie Husband also sounds delicious, but I would only want it for the taste and not the campionship (E.L. Fudge is a better fit for me as a chocolate friend).  And when it comes to living household cleaning products, the legendary Closet Organizer is a much more exhilirating choice than the Bathroom Monkey.
The biggest personal favorite of mine that didn’t make it onto’s list would be the Home Security Decoys: not because they would actually make me feel safe, more for the macabre kitsch factor.