Sometimes, you’ve got plenty of things to say about something, but the only thing you should say, at least initially, is repetition of the original:

Teach me how to understand Christmas
Show me how to open a box
It hurts my little head, when I’m lying in my bed
With visions of sugarplum socks?
(Is this a bit?)

Teach me how to understand Christmas
Do I trim the tree or the deer?
I can’t keep it straight, and now it’s getting late
Where does the stocking go? Here? I can’t see!
What’s a Christmas Eve? Is that Santa’s lady?
Are snowmen cold or hot?
Won’t you be my daddy, I’m a silly Christmas baby
Tell me what to deck, a-heh, cause I forgot

Bwain hurty understandy Cwismas
Mistletoe for eaty taste good?
You smarty, me dumb
Help pwetty have fun
Boopy doopy doop boop sex!

Look, eventually you hit a point of diminishing returns on the sexiness.
What’s a dimini-ni-ni-ruh?