…And in addition to the normal Oscar Contest, here’s the first inaguaral Alternative Oscar Contest. Answer each of the ten questions; some are multiple choice, some – not so much. The winner(s) will receive Jmunney-approved bragging rights. The Oscar ceremony will air at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, February 26, on ABC. To enter the contest, e-mail your predictions to me at jeffmalonesemailaccount@gmail.com. All entries must be received by 7:59 on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

1. What movie will win the most awards? (If more than one movie ties for the most wins, then each or all of those movies will be considered a correct answer.)

2. What will be the first category presented?

3. What will the first commercial be for?

4. How many of the acting winners will cry during their acceptance speeches?

5. How long will the show be?
A. Under 3 hours
B. 3 hours-just under 3 ½ hours
C. 3 ½ hours-just under 4 hours
D. Over 4 hours

6. Who will present the award for Best Picture?

7. How many acceptance speeches will include foreign words and phrases?

8. How many of the Best Picture nominees will be included in Billy Crystal’s opening montage?

9. How many times will the orchestra start playing while a winner is still giving the acceptance speech?

10. How many winners will not be present to accept their awards? (Multiple winners honored for the same win count as one.)