As always, Worst in Show went to Ralph.

Cold Opening – New York Sports Now
If this was an accurate representation, then I didn’t realize how Lin-sane these puns have been.  Instead of introducing the racial insensitivity aspect, I think I would have preferred if they would have just continued with the punning, which, while not particularly unique, would have been steadily goofy.  Instead, it settled into a stale formula. B-

Maya Rudolph’s Monologue
Another singing monologue?  Ah, well, I guess it’s Maya. B-

Bronx Beat
After the last one, this Bronx Beat was almost certainly not going to be as good, but this was lazy.  It felt like they decided to have Betty and Jodi just be themselves and assumed that it would be funny, which is true, to a point.  But after the Katy Perry one, this sketch is judged by a higher standard. C+

Maya Angelou’s: I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs!
The erudition went a long way. B

Baby Blue Ivy
First of all, sidebar: Bon Iver is the name of the band, not the guy.  Calling Justin Vernon “Bon Iver” is like calling Mark McGrath “Sugar Ray.”  Now, I’m sure a lot of people make that mistake, but, come on, the guy was on your show two weeks ago.  But maybe that was a joke.  If it was, I don’t know if anyone got it.  Anyway, JT’s impression was good.  When Prince showed up, this felt like a Prince Show sketch with a lot of guests, which is a good thing.  Nasim had Nicki’s outfit and swagger down, but her voice just did not fit.  Taran’s Brad was the best it’s ever been, but he’s still making those inexplicable sounds. B+

Sleigh Bells perform “Comeback Kid”
Oh, poo, Sleigh Bells fell victim to SNL‘s bad acoustics.  Or is that how Alexis Krauss is supposed to sound? B

Weekend Update
-The Jokes: “Yeah, sure, I’ll tell some jokes.”  Seth certainly benefited from Amy’s return.  But even before she joined, he was better than usual.  The best jokes were Ralph being worst in show and the reportage of Shakira’s hips. B+
-The Segments: -Really!?! with Seth and Amy: That was goofy and endearingly loosey-goosey.  Transvaginal!  Ha!  Amy yelling, “Don’t tell me what to do!” made her sound exactly like Tina Fey describes her in Bossypants. B

What Up With That?
While my love for WUWT? is unending, I am not sure if it should have been brought back.  When the real Lindsay Buckingham showed up, it felt like a natural conclusion.  So, while the (Bill as) Lindsay interactions make less and less sense, it’s still fun to see everyone else who shows up.  Kate Upton was rather gregarious for a middle seat guest.  This audience must not have been too familiar with WUWT?, as they had quite a reaction to “We outta time.” B

Super Showcase
What just happened?  Vanessa’s character answering “beef” when the answer was in fact “nine” and the question not being revealed worked. B-

The Obama Show
I was sort of expecting Kenan to show up in some way since he plays Cosby, and that’s the best thing he’s ever done on the show.  Anyway, Fred seemed to be having the most fun he’s had in a while with his Obama impression, and an homage to The Cosby Show opening credits is always welcome. B+

Sleigh Bells perform “End of the Line”
This felt like a middling song that you stick in the middle of a set, one that doesn’t stand out enough to work when all you’ve got are two songs.  I’m enjoying the whole package, Sleigh Bells, but I think you may have wanted to go a little bigger. B-

How He’s Doing?
Yeah, exactly that sounds about right.  We’ve been more or less hearing this sort of thing the past four years, but it’s always fun to have it fleshed out into a sketch.  The “just upset because it’s winter” line was the most clever. B+

I liked a lot of this episode, but I wasn’t in love with any of it.