3/3/12: Lindsay Lohan/Jack White: I had an inkling at the beginning of the season that Lindsay Lohan might stop by the 30 Rock stage for the first time in six years.  I had heard rumblings that she might go for some career rejuvenation in a place where she has had some success before.  She hosted three years in a row from 2004-06, right before he career became a complete wreck.  Her first stint included some memorable performances, including a well-endowed Hermione Granger and a member of the t.A.T.u.-parody pretend-lesbian group D.A.D.I.  But her ’05 and ’06 stints were relatively meh.  Apparently, she’s the most sober she’s been in a while, so that should help this go-round.
And SNL books Jack White right on the heels of his solo debut.  If there’s anyone who can figure out the weird acoustics of the SNL musical stage, it is he.  Check out the documentary It Might Get Loud to see what I am talking about.

3/10/12: Jonah Hill/The Shins: I like Jonah Hill, and I’ve come to like him even more since he has taken on (and acquitted himself quite well in) more dramatic roles.  His first time hosting appearance was back in 2008; save for a series of MacGruber’s, he wasn’t really given material worthy of his talents.  He definitely deserves another shot.
The Shins are still making music?  I thought that they belonged squarely in the first decade of the of the 21st century.  I’ll probably enjoy them.