Season Analysis: The final season of Desperate Housewives suffered from a setup in which the four main ladies acted in a way that I just never bought.

“Always in Control”

Though he did reprise the role of Orson for a few episodes, Kyle MacLachlan was not the best Twin Peaks alum on Desperate Housewives’ final season.  That honor goes to Miguel Ferrer as Andre Zeller, Susan’s grumpy, exacting art teacher, and it was his presence that served to make some of the best moments of the season as good as they were, and he is a major reason for my pick of “Always in Control” as the best episode of the season.  Individual episodes of Desperate typically just continue the storylines from the previous episodes, with the characters from separate storylines maybe – or maybe not – bumping into each other, so it is rare – or at least it has been rare the past few seasons – for an entire episode to distinguish itself.  “Always in Control” gets my vote, then, not because the whole episode was great, but because it climaxed in a moment for which I had been holding out hope for several weeks: Susan finding it in herself to actually produce a good painting, prompted by her discovery that the other girls had been hiding the news that Alejandro’s body had been dug up.  Andre’s response to her good work was the same as mine: “Finally.”