Season Analysis: 30 Rock is starting to repeat itself, but it is also making funny out of the fact that it is repeating itself, which is kind of a good thing.

“Leap Day”

“Real life is for March.”

30 Rock was particularly enamored of holidays in Season 6.  Certainly, holiday-themed episodes are nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to television, with most shows having Christmas-themed episodes and many often covering Thanksgiving and Halloween as well.  But 30 Rock did not premiere until January, so it could not cover those perennial favorites, but it was able to take on the classic Valentine’s Day as well as the not-quite classic St. Patrick’s Day, and it even managed to spruce up one episode with a fake movie trailer for Martin Luther King Day, a Valentine’s Day/New Year’s Eve-esque ensemble rom-com.  But the best holiday cheer was saved for a day that only comes around every four years: Leap Day, a magical extra day when you can do things you would not do on any other day.  Unless my childhood was just as deprived as Liz Lemon’s, I am pretty sure that February 29 is not actually celebrated by wearing blue and yellow (and poking in the eye people who don’t), dressing up as Leap Day Williams (who spends all other days besides Leap Day in the Marianas Trench), and trading candy for children’s tears.  If all those traditions were real, then that fake Jim Carrey movie would probably be a real Jim Carrey movie.  But much like Festivus emerging as a real thing thanks to Seinfeld, do not be surprised if come 2016, you suddenly feel the urge to put real life off until March and take a leap into something you otherwise never would have done.