With the exception of Fringe, I either do not watch any of the top dramas, or I am still playing catch-up on Netflix.  So, for the drama categories, I am going to pick based on the tings that I hear.

Best Drama

I believe that Community is the best show on TV, but if it is not, then it must be Breaking BadGame of Thrones is nearly all the way up there, too, from what I hear.  Homeland – apparently the best new drama of the year – is probably going to crash the party and may even have a chance to win.  The Good Wife somehow manages to find a place among its more unusual competition.  Can’t forget Mad Men.  I’ll take Justified over Boardwalk Empire.

Lead Actress

This is the first year that I believe that Anna Torv truly deserves a nomination along with her castmates.  Claire Danes quite possibly deserves to win in Homeland’s first year.  I’m assuming Julianna Margulies is still great.  My sister, brother, and dad watch more Mad Men than I do; whenever I walk in the room, I always enjoy what Elisabeth Moss is doing.  And let’s go a little wild for the last two spots: Katey Sagal and Emily VanCamp.

Lead Actor

Apparently Bryan Cranston owns this category.  I enjoy Jon Hamm and Timothy Olyphant and would like to be watching their shows more often.  Steve Buscemi, right? I’m feeling that Damian Lewis must match up well with Claire Danes for Homeland to be as good as people say it is.  And let’s show some post-cancellation love to Jason Isaacs. 

Supporting Actress

Morena Baccarin was the right sort of sexy-scary on V; I hope that’s also true on Homeland (because of Homeland, the president did see her boobs). Speaking of boobs … her acting is good, too … Christina Hendricks. I loved Mae Whitman in a little show called State of Grace, then on Arrested Development, then in the live-action Rugrats trailer on Funny or Die; in this category she’s up for Parenthood.  Madeleine Stowe was great in 12 Monkeys; that’s not too different from Revenge, right?  Archie Panjabi won this category once – her character seems interesting.  And I keep hearing praise for Kiernan Shipka, so let’s just give her a nomination, why don’t we.

Supporting Actor

Gus Fring died so that Giancarlo Esposito could get an Emmy.  And Aaron Paul is the other strong contender from Breaking Bad in this field.  I’m not sure if John Noble should be up for Lead or Supporting; since he was submitted in Supporting, we’ll go with that.  And Joshua Jackson was good, too.  Peter Dinklage won last year, so I’m sure he deserves the nomination, if not the win, again.  And gotta be Neal McDonough.

Guest Actor and Actress
It’s hard enough keeping track of guests on the comedies (which I watch), so I’m not going to bother trying to figure out the guests on the dramas (which I don’t watch).