“Yo yo yo yo yo: Pop! Pop!”

I don’t know if Community is the MOST quotable show of all time (it’s up there), but I think among quotable shows, its quotability may be more applicable to everyday life than any other show.  Here’s the evidence:

“I need help reacting to something.”

“Is this you being me-ta?”

“Cool.  Cool cool cool.”

“There’s no such thing as bad press.”

“[Young person] is young.  We try not to sexualize him/her.”

“I’ll allow it.”

“Suggestion?  Suggestion suggestion suggestion?”

“Is she a friend of Ellen?”

“That’s nice.”

“Shut up, [insert name here]! I know about [insert insult here.]”

“You’re a bad person.”

“Hello during a random dessert, the month and day of which coincide numerically with your expulsion from a uterus.”

“Did you say ‘S’?”

“You’re the worst.”

Chang/Dean-based puns (because there’s no shortage of situations in which puns are appropriate)

“Obama’s America.”

“It’s better than good.  It’s good enough.”

“‘Sup, girl. How you livin’?”

“I like that Asian guy.  He pops.”

“Stop putting gay things in my mouth.”

“You’re actually more handsome than the guy who’s famous for being handsome.”

“Maybe I’m a god.”



“This is rare: both versions of Michael Jackson.”

“The stakes have never been higher.”

“Where the white women at?”

“What it is, soul brother.”

“All hail Sir Eats-Alone!”

“You know what?!  Strike two!”

Even “six seasons and a movie” can be used as a mantra to comfort yourself regarding the state of a low-rated show.

And of course,

“Harrison Ford is irradiating our testicles with microwave satellite transmissions!”

(Thank you to the folks at the Commentarium Zone for helping me spruce up this list!)