Cold Opening – Vice Presidential Debate
Couldn’t this have just been Biden saying, “Oh boy, here we go,” the whole time? B

Christina Applegate’s Monologue
I liked the part with the “Fruppets” and Dane Cook, though in general this was pretty stupid. C+

I would have enjoyed this if it were just a shot-for-shot recreation of the actual Gillette commercials for the sake of seeing Taran, Fred, and Jay riff on being Adrien Brody, Gael García Bernal, and André 3000.  And then Jerry Sandusky showed up.  And it was … strange. B+

The Californians
Pleasant. B

Tech Talk
A clever, if obvious, concept, but damn if they weren’t hitting every zing with those segues. B+

Give Us All Our Daughters Back
It was a little hard to hear what they were saying at parts.  But I’ve just got to be happy when a concept like this comes into being.  Seagal ordering the pizza was a nice touch, because: why not? B+

Passion Pit perform “Take a Walk”
Were those backup singers Kate, Nasim, and Abby?  And was that Isla Fisher on keyboard?  Anyway, Michael Angelakos sounded mighty fine with his vocals, though the backup vocals and the instruments during the chorus sounded a bit wispy. B+

Weekend Update
-The Jokes: Seth had his best night in a while.  Highlights: Biden preparing with Red Bull and Yosemite Sam, “bunch of stuff,” trying Mitt’s excuse on your girlfriend, and the bit about being pro-life pertaining to those who make over $250,000.  Even the “shout a little bit  softer now” line was a decent hack joke. B … +?
The Segments: -Arianna Huffington: The penis “me-uring” contest was a nice touch. B+
-Jean K. Jean: “You ever see a Belgian play handball”?  Who comes up with this stuff?! B

The Sirens
Even though it was obvious how this sketch was progressing, each new song  brought me delight, I guess because there was a large number of potential songs to choose from.  Ultimately, though, the first song performance remained the best (possibly because “Stay” is my favorite of the songs they sang). B+

Booker T. Washington Halloween Ball
It was worth it for the bit about the Mufasa costume. B-

Passion Pit perform “Carried Away”
A bit too staid.  Unless I’m missing something.  Come on Passion Pit, pick up the pace! B-

Jillian Chizz Dance Studio
Hello, Liza?  A rare brilliant straight man performance from Kenan. B+

There were a few bits that really, indubitably worked.  Then there were several sketches that I was wary of as they began, but they all had at least one element that was really worthwhile.  And the prolific streak of memorable commercial parodies of Season 38 continues.

This week, for the best sketch of the episode, you get the best a man can get: