Here are the correct answers to the alternative questions:

1. What movie will win the most awards? Life of Pi – 4

2. What will be the first category presented? Supporting Actor

3. What will the first commercial be for? Samsung

4. How many of the acting winners will cry during their acceptance speeches? 0

5. How long will the show be? C. 3 ½ hours-just under 4 hours (approximately 3 hrs. 35 mins.)

6. Who will present the award for Best Picture? Jack Nicholson and Michelle Obama

7. How many acceptance speeches will include foreign words and phrases? 1 – Director

8. Will host Seth MacFarlane open with a montage of clips that he appears in or a stand-up routine? Stand-up

9. How many times will the orchestra start playing while a winner is still giving the acceptance speech? 4 – Visual Effects, Documentary Feature, Sound Editing, and Original Screenplay

10. How many winners will not be present to accept their awards? 0

With only 2 entrants in this year’s Alternative Contest, there was a two-way tie for first!  Congratulations to the only two participants, Jeff Smith and Zena (who goes by the handle thats_ent) … who also tied for first in the regular contest.  Also, the two of them tied for first last year in the normal contest (along with four others), and Zena won last year’s Alternative Contest.

T1. Jeff Smith – 3

T1. Zena (thats_ent) – 3