Cold Opening – Obama Press Conference
The Village People bit was killer.  I would have preferred it if it hadn’t been completely spelled out the gag with Obama reciting the lyrics, but it was still delightfully gonzo. B

Kevin Hart’s Monologue
Kevin Hart didn’t exactly tell any jokes during his monologue.  Nor did he say anything that could really be considered objectively funny.  But he did make me laugh. B

Steve Harvey
There we go, player, Kenan’s back with his full-on mispronunciating Steve Harvey, what with the “Pho-Bye-iss” and the “equilibrium.”  The Dogglegangers were also a delight, especially the King Charles Spaniels of Comedy. B+

The Situation Room
Pope Quvenzhané = cute and just a little bit inspired. B

Starbucks Verismo
Still worth a chuckle.  Maybe two. Original Grade: B-

Barnes & Noble
The insult comic employees again?  It worked a bit last time since the insults were so bizarre, but Bobby and Cecily were struggling with much less clever material this time around. C

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz perform “Thrift Shop”
That Macklemore fellow, he’s got a lot of energy.  I assume that getup came from a thrift shop.  But 51-year-old Wanz – sounding just as good here as he does on the recorded track – felt like the biggest breakout of the night. A-

Weekend Update
-The Jokes: Solid burn on Boehner.  The White Crash Clue and 911 cheeseburger call were both clever.  The shirts at half-mast for GGW was kind of funny.  This Week’s Story That Was Funnier Than the Punchline: Online voters name baby. B
-The Segments: -Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un: You know how I mention some of the stories on Update that are funnier than Seth’s punchlines of those stories?  Well, this segment was a Segment Whose Real-Life Inspiration Was Funnier Than the Execution.  Jay’s Dennis Rodman was pretty good, though. B-
-Really!?! with Seth and Kevin: Kevin Hart may be the most entertaining host ever when it comes to recovering from flubbing a line. B

The Walking Dead
I was intrigued by this sketch because there are plenty of characters on The Walking Dead who deserve to be made fun of, and that initially seemed to be this sketch’s m.o.  But instead it was about a black guy who plays the race card to distract from the obvious fact that he is turning into a zombie?  I make it a point not to review what a sketch could have been, but instead what it actually was, so I won’t bemoan what may have been a missed opportunity.  Instead, I’ll point out that what it was was completely ridiculous and should have been played as such.  Rick and company had no reason to take the bait.  They would have fired first and asked questions later, simple as that. C-

Shark Tank
A lot of parts, not much of a whole. C+

If you’re going to make a one-joke bit that purposely obnoxious, then don’t go on for too long. B

Dove Chocolate Commercial Voiceover Recording
At first I thought this was going to be a Blizzard Man sketch.  If only.  Not exactly any jokes but some funny performances. B-

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton perform “Can’t Hold Us”
Oh, this song’s by Macklemore? B+

Yes! (Memories of Tarkey Fensington swirling in my head.) A-

360 News
Going meta almost immediately about how stupid the premise of your scene is can be worth a chuckle. B-

Several funny moments, not a whole lot of funny wholes.  Kevin Hart certainly brought plenty of energy, of course.  Macklemore certainly knew what he was doing.  The Z-Shirt business was exhilarating – I always love it when that sort of thing happens.

The best sketch of the night (Funeral) doesn’t make sense in context, so instead, player, what do you know, we’re gonna spotlight Steve Harvey: