Regular reader of Community episode reviews and comment sections that I am, I have noticed similar comments that many people keep making over and over this season.  And some of them are just not fair.  Here are a couple of those that need to stop right now:

-“The new regime are just copying what they think Dan Harmon would have done.”/”They are only doing this homage/plot/etc. because that’s what the old Community would have done.”
If you have been in the writers’ room, or on set during the filming of an episode, then you have the right to make this criticism. Otherwise, how do you know? Besides, what does it matter how these episodes were conceived? It’s a long way from conception, to writing, to rewriting, to rehearsing, to filming, and to editing the final product. There are a lot of moments in that process that really have nothing to do with copying or not copying what has come before. Ultimately, though, any show that is on the air long enough is going to be beholden to its earlier seasons, regardless of how much of its original creative team is still around. It’s not that it’s copying itself, it just can’t be ignored.

-“All you haters wouldn’t be criticizing this episode if Harmon had done it.”
First of all, this comment invites the response, “Yeah, because Harmon would have done it better.” Some people have summarily dismissed the entire fourth season, sight unseen, and others who have actually been watching probably haven’t been giving it as fair a shake as they should be, but some of them are still making legitimate criticisms. This comment essentially attempts to de-legitimize any criticism. Wondering how Season 4 episodes would have gone if Harmon had done them, and wondering how fans would have reacted to these episodes if Harmon had done them exactly the same are worthwhile thought experiments, but they’re not part of reviewing the actual episode. Dismissing criticism when you want to praise an episode might seem like an easy solution, but it really doesn’t do anything in the way of making the critics give it another shot.