Season Analysis: Season 3 was my first taste of Louie.  It did not quite hit the individual highs that I heard Season 2 hit, but it remains true that each individual episode is its own fascinating experiment, straight from the mind of its creator at the height of his career.


More and more people are hating on the word “bromance.”  I do not think that is so much because of what a bromance is as much as how it is presented.  It is a word that should not have to exist.  But as much of the comedy of Louis C.K. and this particular episode of his show demonstrate, two straight men striking up a friendship can be a painfully awkward situation.  The end scene in which Louie attempts to explain to Ramon why he stayed a few extra days is indeed painfully awkward, but also poignant.  How do you explain yourself in a situation like that?  Maybe there are some people who are gifted enough to explain themselves, but Louis C.K. is definitely not one of those people.  The scene with Louie telling his ex-wife he is staying a few more days was a nice touch.  It was sweet of her to wish him well, despite making an incorrect assumption.  This episode is also about the desire to make vacations permament, which sounds like a nice idea, but often ends up being as awkward as Louie’s attempt to do so.