Season Analysis: There were 14 episodes of Childrens Hospital in Season 4.  I liked all of them.  A few of them I really liked.  I wish there had been more Malin Åkerman.  I also wish there had been more David Wain in front of the camera (but of course that always goes without saying).


“The Boy with the Pancakes Tattoo”
Childrens Hospital exists to parody the tropes of over-the-top hospital dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, but it can get exhausting to constantly laugh at the same sort of medical ridiculousness.  Luckily, this show occasionally branches out into other genre parodies, such as this episode’s take on an amnesia suspense thriller.  Interestingly enough, considering all the intense circumstances that can befall a hospital drama, this bout of mass amnesia at Childrens does not feel out of place.  The fact that the amnesia was caused by a criminal act by Sy is a perfectly logical explanation, and the fact that the conclusion of the whole thing essentially makes no sense is also perfectly acceptable, considering that this is Childrens Hospital.