Season Analysis: Before the behind-the-scenes mess that was Up All Night’s hiatus that never ended, the show itself was already a mess during Season 2.  Doing away with “The Ava Show” removed all reasons for the existence of Maya Rudolph’s character and led to the departure of a perfectly decent supporting cast member in Jennifer Hall.  And it’s not like Will Arnett and Christina Applegate’s storylines were anything special, either.

Up All Night - Season 2

“Jerry Duty”
This episode was the rare (perhaps only) Season 2 episode of Up All Night that wasn’t about nothing.  Not about nothing in the good, Seinfeld sense, but in the worst possible sense of that description.  As in, nothing ever happened on this show in its ultimate season.  “Jerry Duty” was about Reagan never being able to see her brother as anything besides her screw-up baby brother and Chris and his old college roommate Jerry similarly not being able to see beyond their set images of each other.  That is an issue of human nature worth exploring (a comment I would not be able to make in regards to much else of Season 2).  It also helped that Jerry was played by guest star Rob Huebel, whose skill at playing actual human beings is underestimated, probably due to his being mostly associated with caricature roles such as in Childrens Hospital and Burning Love.