Season Analysis: Given 30 Rock’s nature as a well-oiled joke factory, it was a pleasant surprise that it spent its final season wrapping up all its character arcs in the most emotionally satisfying ways possible.


“Last Lunch”
If the finale of 30 Rock had a thesis statement, it was represented by the scene of Liz talking with Tracy at the same strip club they visited in the pilot.  These characters are going their separate ways, just as they are going their separate ways from viewers.  They may promise to reunite with each other, and they may really mean it, but life gets in the way, and so those promises do not always work out.  Liz Lemon does mean it when she makes that promise, despite all the grief that Tracy Jordan gave her when they were working together.  Her sincerity, gratifying though it is, may do nothing to make a reunion any more likely.  So that is why she tells him that she is going to miss him, and she tells him as hard as she possibly can.  We already miss you, 30 Rock, and it sounds like you miss us, too.