Season Analysis: Having never watched The League before this season, but having been familiar with Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, and Mark Duplass, it was surprising to discover that Jon Lajoie is the best member of this cast.  The other revelation of this season was that Brooklyn Decker is a talented – and scary – comedic actress.


“The Anchor Baby”
To further my argument that Jon Lajoie is the best member of the cast of The League despite being the smallest name, I present as evidence “The Anchor Baby,” in which Taco moves into a dead psychologist’s apartment and keeps his practice running.  Taco is such a brilliant character because he fits the archetype of the wise fool.  Nobody else would think to take over a dead doctor’s practice, because its sounds like a horrible idea, but when Taco does it … it still proves to be a horrible idea, but at least he got everyone involved and a good time was had by all.  Besides, the pinnacle of success comes after many failures, and if one wants to succeed, one cannot be afraid of that failure, and Taco represents that perspective perfectly.